Our wares are hand made with care and intention. This occassioanlly may mean small insignificant defects, or as I like to call them, character. As much as I strive for high quality clean cut products, I am not a machine, and my products do not need to look as if they came from one. I handled every piece with my own hands, planned them, molded them, cut them, assembled and cured them. Please keep this in mind when shopping with us!

Basic cares of materials used: 

Polymer Clay. While this clay is bendy by nature, please refrain from intentionally bending finished products as this could result in breakage. Wipe clean lightly with damp cloth or an alcohol swab. 

Brass. Many of my pieces include brass, which will eventually tarnish, as is the nature of this metal. Handle only when necessary, and do not store in a humid environment. Avoid prolonged contact with water. There are many ways to clean brass which generally include base household staples! 

Bones/Horns/Shells. All of my natural accents are sourced ethically with care and have been professionally cleaned. Some are more fragile than others, So please take care! Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

I do not accept returns or exchanges, but if you have a problem with your order, please contact me! I would love to come to a solution with you. Refunds will only be given at my discretion, thank you for your understanding!

I take customs on a case by case basis. Please inquire through email! Customs may take up to three weeks completion time. 

Items ship in 1-3 business days. If there is a delay, I will contact you. 

If you have any questions all, feel free to reach me through email or instagram!